FENTY x PUMA Fur Slides

After Months of anticipation, the luxe Fur Slides by FENTY have arrived. 

Rihanna has taken a fun and cozy spin to a classic PUMA sport style to create the Fur Slides, the third new footwear style under her FENTY label. 

Making over the timeless PUMA Leadcat performance silhouette worn by football players off the pitch, the Fur Slide features a comfortable soft tooling and stylish faux fur strap with a smooth satin foam backing for an added touch of luxury, with a FENTY PUMA by Rihanna sign off executed on the heel and footbed, the Fur Slide by FENTY will be available in three colourways: White, Black and Shell.

More pictures to come next week, STAY TUNED !

Available here.


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